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Welcome to the world of Metal Miniatures. This family owned business has been casting and selling "old pewter" (typecasting metal) miniatures throughout the world since 1971. The miniatures have fine detail. Washed and painted, the miniatures come alive! Each piece can be ordered individually or in bulk.

Enjoy our world of Metal Miniatures.

Since 1971 we have been proud of our excellent customer service and our commitment to keep our prices as low as possible. You can now reach us with our fax number. 



Check out our new order form - Simply enter the item number and quantity to create your customized order form.  NOTE:  We relabeled many items that had multiple versions.  If your item number doesn't immediately bring up the correct description, check the item number on the price sheets below or in the total list tab of the order sheet.

Shipping is $5.80 per order.  Dealer discounts available. 

For orders with fewer than 32 items, click here and download the small order form. 

For orders with more than 32 items, click here and download the large order form.   
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For your convenience, below are the individual picture sheets as well as individual price sheets.  Please use the order form above to complete your order. 

Individual Picture Sheets

Individual Price Sheets


Items 1 - 960 Price Sheet

A Sheet (Castles, Vehicles, Buildings)

C Sheet (Cats, Animals)

E Sheet (Tools, Scissors, Statues)

F Sheet Food

J Sheet (Figurines, Animals)

K Sheet (Outdoor items)

M Sheet (Bookends, Animals, Houses)

P Sheet (Animals, Figurines)

S Sheet (Statues)

W Sheet (Wheels)

1/2 Scale Item Sheet

Dolls Dollhouse Sheet

Picture Frames

A Price Sheet (Castles, Vehicles, Buildings)

C Price Sheet (Cats, Animals)

E Price Sheet (Tools, Scissors, Statues

Food Price Sheet

J Price Sheet

K Price Sheet (Outdoor items)

M Price Sheet

P Price Sheet (Animals, Figurines)

S Price Sheet (Statues)

W Price Sheet (Wheels)

1/2 Scale Price Sheet

Dolls Dollhouse Price Sheet

Picture Frame Price Sheet